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Happy New Year!

Wishing you a healthy dose of fun this holiday season! Here are some highlights from 2022:

Cora turned 12 in April and started 7th grade in September. She is enjoying drawing, and lots of game time and sleepovers with friends. She has informed her mom that she no longer does “playdates” – they are “hangouts”.

Cora has developed a unique fashion style that Mom would describe as 1 part Tim Burton, another part botanical bohemian, with a dash of modern emo chic. She loves Babysitters Club books (just like her mama in the late 80s), graphic novels, and video calls with her friends.

Cora with her friends after school
Cora with her friends after school

Steve’s sister, Karen, her husband Shawn, and Cora’s cousins Addy & Tyler train-tripped cross country and stopped for a week in Seattle in early August. Grandparents Patti & Ken flew out to join the fun.

There was ice cream, delicious fresh fish from Pike Place Market (thanks Shawn!), trips to the Seattle Center International Fountain, Zoo, Mt. Rainier, and Alki Beach.

Patti won the IronWoman award.

In late August, Heather went on a roadtrip she’d long been dreaming of through Montana, Glacier National Park, up to Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta and back home through British Columbia.

Along the way, she randomly stopped in a town called Merritt, BC, that ended up having streets, parks, buildings, and a creek named after a Voght (unrelated). Jaxx approved of Voght Dog Park. Just down the highway was Larson Hill.

Steve is in his 12th year as a technical writer at Fred Hutch and is a writer and editor for SB Nation focusing on OL Reign and pro women’s soccer in general.

He’s been able to sit in on many cool post-game conference calls and ask questions to the players and coaches. Heather stuck to fan-girling in the stands.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Heather, Steve & Cora